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Library Service Policy

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            Library Bill of Rights

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First Amendment

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            Code of Iowa 22.7 "Examination of Public Records (Open Records)"

            American Library Association Code of Ethics

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Protection of Library Property

Library Access for Registered Sex Offenders (Against a Minor)

Collection Development

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Bonaparte Public Library Forms

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Policies that govern library use, management of library services, collection, and resources.

Adopted by the Library Board of Trustees on 9/21/2016

Personnel Policy

Qualifications for Employment:

1. Age: a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age can apply to the Library


2. Education: high school diploma or equivalent shall be the basic

standard requirement for al! potential staff members. Applicants with

computer experience, and/ or additional education as well as cheerful

personality characteristics will merit special consideration. The Library

Director must be certified by the State of Iowa or obtain certification

within two (2) years of being hired.


Holiday and Library Closings:

1. The library will be closed for the following holidays: New Year's Dry,

Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Thanksgiving day, and

Christmas day. In those cases, when the holiday falls on a closed day, an

alternate day, to be determined by the Board of Trustees, may be


2. All other holidays occurring within the year will be subject to

consideration by the Board to determine whether a closing of the library is


3. lf the Library Director is unable to work in the library on a scheduled day

and the Board has not pre approved it, the Library Director must notify two

(2) Board members.

4. Changes to the Library hours and days open must be approved by the

Board and be posted in a conspicuous place for Library Patrons.


Salary and Employee Review:

1. The starting salary rate for a twenty (20) hour week will be the state

minimum wage as mandated by the State of Iowa.

2. The Library director will be on probation for a period of six (6) months.

The Board will review the employee's performance to determine if

his/her employment should be continued following the probation period.

The Board of Trustees will make reviews on every anniversary of hire date, for as long as

employment is continued.


Leave of Absence:

1. A leave of absence, if requested by an employee, will be subject to

approval by the Board.


Continuing Education:

1. Upon the Board's approval on a class-by-class basis, the Board

encourages the Library Director to attend classes sponsored by the

Regional and State Libraries. The Library Director will be paid for time in

class, in place of time worked in the Library, and mileage to attend the

classes. The Library Director will not be paid more than twenty hours per

week, unless approved by the board.




Library Director / Librarian


In keeping with the mission statement of the Bonaparte Public Library, under the direction of the Board of Trustees develops, administers, supervises, and coordinates the work of the Library and staff. The Library Director/Librarian performs managerial duties related to personnel, budget, collection development, building maintenance, and library operations and services in conformity to the policies established by the Board of Trustees and the State Library of Iowa.




Age: a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age.


Education:  A high school diploma or equivalent shall be the basic standard requirement for a

potential Library Director. Must be willing to become State of Iowa certified within two years of hire. Must be willing to attend continuing education classes to keep certification. Must become familiar with the library mission statement and all library policies.



Must have a working knowledge with computers, popular library software, internet

and digital communications. Be able to maintain knowledge of standard library principles and

practices, concepts of freedom of speech, copyrights, collection development, patron

confidentiality, censorship, and other library ethical issues. Must be able to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with superiors, subordinates, associates, officials of other agencies and the general public.



Plan, implement, and evaluate library services

Develop, implement, and evaluate short and long term goals and objectives.

Handle complaints in accordance with Library Policy

Compile information and statistics for state reports

Attend Library Board meetings

Inform the library board of problems with the building

Send correspondence to donors

Assist patrons with photocopies, fax, e-mail, computer and internet needs

Answer phone, register new patrons, answer reference questions to the best of ability

(if unable do research in effort of answering question)

Inform Board of Trustees of needed programming, requested purchases, information from state and regional libraries.  Maintain Facebook page, Library web-site.  Inform Board of Trustees of problems with a patron.   Must be able to handle interruptions and some noise.  Handle day -to-day workings of a library. Check books/movies in and out.  Shelve books/movies.  Repair and weed books/movies.  Process all new material for circulation.  Keep circulation records on current records program available.  Get mail, handle in and out going, correspondence with donors.  Keep accurate daily and monthly activity reports.  Change and arrange monthly book display.  Change bulletin board monthly


Fundraiser attendance:

Must be in attendance at all Board and Library fundraisers. (See fundraiser attendance policy.)


Building Maintenance: (List of duties does not contain all activities you will meet on a day-today bases)


Sweep and mop floors; Sweep rugs; Remove trash

Dust computers and shelves (as needed)                              

Replace cleaning supplies (as needed)


Evaluation for Library Director/Staff


Rating Code:   5- Outstanding-substantially exceeds job requirement

4-Above average- clearly exceeds job requirement

3- Average- meets job requirement

2- Below average- encounters problems in achievement

1- Unsatisfactory- clearly unacceptable in performance




_____Job knowledge - Consider level of job knowledge on present position


_____Decision making - Consider ability and willingness to make decisions


_____Planning - Consider ability to determine priorities, meet deadline, manage time, and plan activities


_____Quality of work - Consider volume timeliness, thoroughness, and accuracy


_____Ability to learn - Consider ability to grasp and retain instruction


_____Judgment - Consider ability to establish priorities and determine appropriate action


_____Initiative - Consider ability to self-start and to initiate new projects


_____Communication - Consider ability to communicate orally and in writing with clarity, accuracy, and timeliness


_____Dependability - Doing what is requested and expected, meeting schedules and deadlines


_____Drive - working with sustained energy, urge to get things done, resisting discouragement


_____Maintaining a clean work Environment-Consider personal work space neatness, as well as duties that are necessary to maintain a healthy and pleasant work environment







Library Director_______________________________________


Board President_______________________________________


Board Secretary_______________________________________





Mission Statement:


The mission of the Bonaparte Public Library is to serve as a resource center by providing access to information, materials, services and programs to meet the needs of our community.




The following shall be the by-laws of the Bonaparte Public Library, Bonaparte, Iowa, it's Board of Trustees, Librarian, and those administering business of the establishment.




Regular:  The regular monthly meeting of the Bonaparte Public Library shall be held at the library at 6:00 pm on the first Thursday of each month.


Special:  Special meetings may be called by the board president or upon the request of members of the board for the transaction of business stated in the call for the meeting.


Quorum:  For the transaction of business at the meeting of the board, five trustees who are present shall constitute a quorum.  A meeting can continue, but no action can take place, if a quorum is not present.


Public Address:  All meeting of the board are open to the members of the public who wish to OBSERVE.  Non-board members who wish to address the board shall request a place on the agenda not later than 24 hours before the time established for the meeting.  The request may be directed to the board president or the librarian.  The board is not obligated to act upon any complaint or suggestion at the meeting at which it is presented.


Order of Business:                1.  Call to Order

                                                                                    2.  Approval of the Agenda

                                                                                    3.  Public Address (public on the agenda)

                                                                                    4.  Reading of the Minutes and approval

                                                                                    5.  Treasurer's Report

                                                                                    6.  Approval of bills to be paid as they occur

                                                                                    7.  Communications

                                                                                    8.  Librarian Report

                                                                                    9.  Unfinished Business

                                                                                    10.  New Business

                                                                                    11.  Adjournment



Library Service Policy


All patrons, regardless of status, are assisted in their search for information and treated with utmost courtesy, respect, strict confidentiality, and within policy guidelines.


Service will not be denied or abridged because of age, disability, religious, racial, social, economic, sexual orientation, or political status.


Information on each library card is protected by confidentiality laws and can only be released to the person listed on the card, unless proper procedures have been followed.

Incorporating the principalities of The Library Bill of Rights, the library endeavors to


·  Select, organize, and make available necessary books and materials.


                        ·  Provide guidance and assistance to patrons.


·  Sponsor and implement programs, exhibits, displays, book lists, etc., which would appeal to children and adults.


                        ·  Cooperate with other community agencies and organizations.


·  Secure information beyond it's own resources when requested.  (Using interlibrary loan and other resource sharing methods provided through the system and state.)


                        ·  Lend to other libraries upon request.


                        ·  Develop and provide services to patrons with special needs.


                        ·  Maintain a balance in its services to various age groups.


·  Provide service during hours which best meet the needs of the community, including evening and weekend hours.


                        ·  Regularly review library services being offered.


·  Use media and other public relations mechanisms to promote the full range of available library services.


Special Areas to Note:


Homework Questions


Homework assignments are intended to teach students the process of learning and finding information.  The Library can assist in the use of Library tools, but will not provide answers to the homework.


Legal Questions


Staff can assist patrons in finding citation information from codes and help access other legal resources, but legal advice and/or explanation of the information found cannot be offered.


Medical Questions


Factual information can be provided from medical dictionaries, books and other sources, but questions that involve interpretation and opinion cannot be answered by the library staff.


Tax Information


The library attempts to provide basic forms for state and federal taxes when possible.  The library staff can assist the public in locating and copying forms, b ut the staff cannot suggest which form to use or provide help in completing any tax documents.


Hours of Operation

Monday                                               Closed

Tuesday-Thursday                              1:30-6:00

Friday                                                  2:30-6:00

Saturday                                              9:00-12:00

Sunday                                                Closed


New Year's Day                                  Closed                                                             Thanksgiving Day                              Closed

Memorial Day                                     Closed                                                             Christmas Eve Day                             Open

Fourth of July                                     Closed                                                             Christmas Day                                    Closed

Labor Day                                          Closed                                                              New Year's Eve                                  Open



Library Bill of Rights


Source: American Library Council, 1996


The American Library Association affirms that all libraries are forums for information and ideas, and that the following basic policies should guide their services.


1.  Books and other library resources should be provided for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community the library serves.  Materials should not be excluded because of the origin, background or views of those contributing to their creation.


2.  Libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues.  Materials should not be proscribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval.


3.  Libraries should challenge censorship in the fulfillment of their responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.


4.  Libraries should cooperate with all persons and groups concerned with resisting abridgment of free expression and free access to ideas.


5.  A person's right to use a library should not be denied or abridged because of origin, age, background or views.


6.  Libraries that make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.



Statement of Confidentiality


The confidentiality policy of the Bonaparte Public Library is based on the First and Fourth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, the USA Patriot Act (Public Law 107-56), the Iowa Code, and the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association


First Amendment


            Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech...


Fourth Amendment


The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but with probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized.


Code of Iowa 22.7 "Examination of Public Records (Open Records)"


            22.7 Confidential Records


The following public records shall be kept confidential, unless otherwise ordered by a court, by the lawful custodian of the records, or by another person duly authorized to release such information.


13.  The records of a library which, by themselves or when examined with other public records, would reveal the identity of the library patron checking out or requesting an item or information from the library.  The records shall be released to a criminal or juvenile justice agency only pursuant to an investigation of a particular person or organization suspected of committing a known crime.  The records shall be released only upon a judicial determination that a rational connection exists between the requested release of information and a legitimate end and that the need for the information is cogent and compelling.


18.  Communications not required by law, rule or procedure that are made to a government body or to any of its employees by identified person outside of government, to the extent that the government body receiving those communications from such persons outside of government could reasonably believe that those persons would be discouraged form making them to that government body if they were available for general public examination.


American Library Association Code of Ethics


We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted


Confidential Operational Information


Confidentiality is essential to protect the exercise of rights under the Constitution of the United States of America, the First and Fourth Amendments, the Patriot Act, the Code of Iowa, and the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association.


As an employee of the Bonaparte Public Library, you may learn confidential operational information.  During and after employment with the Bonaparte Public Library, confidential operational information may not be shared with non-employees of the Bonaparte Public Library and may only be shared with Bonaparte Public Library employees on a need-to-know basis.


1.  The Library will not reveal the identities of the individual users nor the information sources they consult unless required by law.


a.  Confidentiality extends to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired.

b.  Confidentiality includes database search records, reference interviews, interlibrary loan records, compute use records, and all other personally identifiable use of library materials, facilities, or services.


2.  The library will hold confidential the names of card holders and their registration information and not provide access for private, public or commercial use.


3.  The lawful custodian of the records is the Library Director.


4.  The Library will not release registration, circulation, or other records protected under the Iowa Code unless it is required by law to release the information.




      Request to Custodian of the Records


1.  The Library staff member receiving a request to examine or obtain information relating to registration or circulation records identifying the names of Library users, shall immediately refer the requestor to the Director.


2.  To avoid any misunderstanding, the staff member should not discuss what information may or may not be available or what the Library can or cannot do, with the person making the request.


3.  If the Director is not available, the staff member should inform the requestor when the Director will be available.  If pressed to act sooner, the staff member should attempt to contact the Director immediately.


Court Order, Warrant, or National Security Letter (NSL)


The director shall meet with the requestor of the information.  If the requestor is a law enforcement officer, the officer must have a court order, a warrant issued under the USA Patriot Act, or a NSL to receive the requested records.  If the officer does not have the proper court order, warrant, or NSL compelling the production of the records, the Director shall refuse to provide the information.


Legal Counsel


If the records requested cover registration, circulation, or other records is protected under the Iowa Code, and the Director is uncertain about whether the order, or subpoena presented to the Director is sufficient to require release of the records, the Director may immediately consult with legal counsel.




If any written request, process, order, or subpoena is not in proper form or does not otherwise appear to be sufficient to support releasing the records, the Director shall insist that such defects be cured before any records are released.






If the Director in consultation with the Library's attorney determines that the order, warrant, or NSL is sufficient and compels the release of records, the Director shall release the records.


Gag Order


If the request is made pursuant to the USA Patriot Act, the Director is authorized to obtain legal counsel regarding the request.  As required by The USA Patriot Act, the Director shall not discuss the request with anyone other than legal counsel.




If the requestor is not a law enforcement officer and has not presented any type of court or administrative order requiring the release of the requested information, the Director shall refuse to provide the requested records.


Further Legal Action


If the Director and legal counsel deem appropriate, the Director is authorized to take legal action, such as moving to quash a subpoena, to resist releasing requested registration, circulation, or other records protected under the Iowa Code.


Reports from Staff


Any threats or unauthorized demands concerning circulation and other records identifying the names of library users shall be reported to the Director.  Any other problems relating to the privacy of circulation and other records identifying the library users which are not provided for above shall be referred tot he Director.


Protection of Library Property


The library is entrusted by the citizens of Bonaparte to provide, maintain and track items that have

been purchased with taxpayer dollars. In order to protect public property, the library may take

action against those accused of harming library property (theft, vandalism, etc).


Iowa Code 714.5 Library Materials and Equipment - Unpurchased Merchandise-Evidence of Intention.


The fact that a person has concealed library materials or equipment as defined in section 702.22 or

unpurchased property of a store or other mercantile establishment, either on the premises or

outside the premises, is material evidence of intent to deprive the owner, and the finding of library

materials or equipment or unpurchased property concealed upon the person or among the

belongings of the person, is material evidence of intent to deprive and, if the person conceals or

causes to be concealed library materials or equipment or unpurchased property, upon the person

or among the belongings of another, the finding of the concealed materials, equipment or property

is also material evidence of intent to deprive on the part of the person concealing the library

materials, equipment or goods.


The fact that a person fails to return library materials for two months or more after the date the

person agreed to return the library materials, or fails to return library equipment for one month or

more after the date the person agreed to return the library equipment, is evidence of intent to

deprive the owner, provided a reasonable attempt, including the mailing by restricted certified mail

of notice that such material or equipment is overdue and criminal actions will be taken, has been

made to reclaim the materials or equipment. Notices stating the provisions of this section and of

section 808.12 with regard to library materials or equipment shall be posted in clear public view in

all public libraries, in all libraries of educational, historical or charitable institutions, organizations or

societies, in all museums and in all repositories of public records.


After the expiration of three days following the due date, the owner of borrowed library equipment

may request the assistance of a dispute resolution center, mediation center or appropriate law

enforcement agency in recovering the equipment from the borrower.


The owner of library equipment may require deposits by borrowers and in the case of late returns

the owner may impose graduated penalties of up to twenty-five percent of the value of the

equipment, based upon the lateness of the return.


In the case of lost library materials or equipment, arrangements may be made to make a monetary



Iowa Code 808.12 Detention and Search in Theft of Library Materials and Shoplifting


Persons concealing property as set forth in section 714.3A or 7L4.5, may be detained and searched

by a peace officer, person employed in a facility containing library materials, merchant, or

merchant's employee, provided that the detention is for a reasonable length of time and that the

search is conducted in a reasonable manner by a person of the same sex and according to

subsection 2 of this section.


No search of the person under this section shall be conducted by any person other than someone

acting under the direction of a peace officer except where permission of the one to be searched has

first been obtained.


The detention or search under this section by a peace officer, person employed in a facility

containing library materials, merchant, or merchant's employee does not render the person liable,

in a criminal or civil action, for false arrest or false imprisonment provided the person conducting

the search or detention had reasonable grounds to believe the person detained or searched had

concealed or was attempting to conceal property as set forth in section 7L4.3A or 774.5.



Library Access for Registered Sex Offenders


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Bonaparte Public Library complies with the provisions

of Iowa Code Chapter 692A which mandates that certain registered sex offenders who have been

convicted of sex offenses must be excluded from public libraries. This policy adopts the definitions of Iowa Code Chapter 692A, as amended.


In accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 6924, the Board of Trustees prohibits the presence of sex

offenders convicted of sex offenses against minors upon or within 300 feet of library property

without the written permission of the Director. The Director may only give such written permission

as the result of a vote at a meeting of the Board of Trustees at which a quorum is present.


The issuance of a library card to a registered sex offender convicted of a sex offense against a

minor does not constitute written permission from the Director for that offender to be present on

Library property.  Persons barred from Library property under the law may remain eligible for library service, it is the responsibility of the Library user to arrange for a courier to select, check out, and return

materials to the Library through possession of the library user's card. Under any of these circumstances, the sex offender convicted of a sex offense will remain responsible for all activity on their library card. The Library user may access information and resources via the telephone or using the Library's web site. Persons barred from Library property under the law will not be served by the Library's homebound delivery service.


Registered sex offenders convicted of sex offenses may not loiter as defined in Iowa Code Section 692A.101(17) within 300 feet of Library property. Violations of this policy will be immediately reported to law enforcement.



Collection Development:


General Principles


Responsibility for collection development lies with staff who will apply professional knowledge,

experience, and this policy in making decisions. Ultimate responsibility for collection development

lies with the Director.


Materials for the library collection are chosen to support the mission of the library. The library

serves the whole person by providing materials, reference assistance, and helps to meet the

cultural, informational, and recreational needs of members of the community. The library is

dedicated to providing service to persons of all nationalities, age, sex, religious persuasion, or

disability. The library strives to offer the widest possible range of subjects and views in a variety of

formats, treatments, and levels of difficulty, with consideration towards cost, available space,

current holdings, and demand.


Including materials in the library collection does not constitute an endorsement of the contents of

an item, the library recognizes that any given item may offend any one person, but because the

library follows accepted principles of intellectual freedom, it will not remove specific titles solely

because individuals or groups may find them objectionable. The library subscribes to the principles

embodied in the Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read and Freedom to View statements adopted

by the American Library Association.  Selection is based primarily on following criteria:


Borrower Request


An attempt is made to acquire materials in high demand within the limits of space and finances.

The library welcomes suggestions and comments from the public and will consider purchasing

those materials of reasonable cost and value to the collection. Regardless of an item's popularity,

the library may choose not to purchase an item because of the type of format or other issues.


Collection Need


Areas of the collection will be updated and expanded in response to the need of the community.

The library does not specialize in curriculum support through the purchase of textbooks. It does,

however, attempt to fill the information needs of students at all levels as a supplement to school

and college libraries. Textbooks may be purchased if they contain the best (or only) information on

a given subject.


The Library Collection


The collection currently includes books, videos, DVDs, newspapers, puzzles, games and kits.   Staff will constantly investigate emerging formats, and strive to include them in the collection as community demand and budgets allow.  Conversely, the library will evaluate existing formats and remove those formats/ items no longer used by the public (example: cassette tapes, LPs.)


Access to Other Collections


If the library does not own an item, patrons can request the item through Inter-Library Loan. The library also participates in "Open Access" through the Iowa State Library. The goal of Open Access is to provide Iowans with direct access to more library materials and information resources through a reciprocal borrowing program that enables customers from a participating library to go to other participating libraries and directly check out materials.


Collection Maintenance


To ensure that the library's collection is current and relevant to the community's needs. the

usefulness of materials previously added to the collection is evaluated on a regular basis. Items

that are outdated, damaged, duplicated, or not being used will be considered for removal. Some

factors in this decision are space, the cost of replacement, and the appearance of the collection.

Locally significant materials are not held to these standards and are generally retained. Withdrawn

materials may be sold at the library's used book sale, recycled or discarded.


Challenging an Item in the Collection


Anyone wishing to question the inclusion of an item in the collection should talk with the Director

and complete a Statement of Concern form (page 34), Written objections will be taken to the

Board of Trustees for their consideration. A review committee of three Board members will be

appointed by the Board President to evaluate the material and Statement of Concern. A written

report by the review committee will be filed with the Director.





Donations of Material to the Library Are Encouraged


This is with the understanding that the donated items will be added to the collection only after

using the same criteria used for purchased items and compliance with the Library's policies.

Donations are not intended to replace regularly budgeted library expenditures; however, private

resources can extend and enrich Library services.


Once items are donated to the library, the items become the property of the library, and are

subject to the same collection maintenance procedures as other library materials, Items not added

to the collection will be handled in the same manner as withdrawn library materials.

The library will not accept text books, books in poor condition,magazines, newspapers, VCR tapes, pictures, etc.

Yellowed and aaged boooks will not be accepted.


All items need to be brought directly to the Library director/Librarian during the Library's regular

hours of operation.  Please do not leave donation items at the library door, or inside the building.

Please contact the Library director at 592-3677 or by email at

to schedule a time to meet in regards to the planned donation.  If we connot use the items, we may

have a suggestion for you.


Collections and Special Interest Materials


These will be added when space permits. Although many excellent and important items may be

added to the collection in this fashion, the Director shall have the prerogative of refusing to accept

materials which he/she believes do not contribute to the purpose of the library. Collections may not

be kept intact, even special interest items should meet the criteria outlined in this policy.

Once the library accepts a gift, it is clearly understood that it becomes the property of the library,

to be used or disposed of in strict accordance with policies of the library.

The library will not accept materials that are not an outright gift. It is not the policy of this library

to place plaques on donated used items.


Monetary Donations


The Library welcomes gifts of cash or stocks. If the gift is used to purchase library materials, the

donor's preferences will be accommodated to the best of the staff's ability. A plate with the donor's

name can be affixed to the items purchased, if desired.

A Gifts and Memorials form should be completed for monetary donations.




A receipt for donated items will be given upon request with no monetary value listed. No library

personnel shall attempt to offer a monetary valuation statement to the donor for tax or other



Petty Cash Policy

     Petty cash in the amount of $50.00 shall be maintained on site to make change for citizens paying their bills to the city.  The petty cash is also authorized for use in purchases less than $25.00 as long as the purchase is lawfully done for the city and documented with a receipt, such as postage.  The petty cash however should not be used to give change or cash personal checks. Reconciliation of the petty cash should be done on a daily basis as pat of balancing the cash drawer to do a deposit.


Library Code of Conduct


The Bonaparte Library will provide a safe, comfortable environment that is conducive to the

use of library materials and the safety of users and staff.

Patrons using the library are expected to behave in a way that is appropriate to the library's

purpose as stated above. No person shall engage in any conduct which interferes with the

legitimate use of the library, including - but not restricted to - the following:


1. Any behavior that is illegal

2. Willfully annoying, harassing, or threatening another person

3. Any behavior that is disruptive of the library environment. This includes running, loud

talking (including on a cell phone).

4. Any physical or verbal behavior that is abusive of staff members or other patrons

5. Any use of the library that interferes with the library's purpose

6. Any use of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substances is prohibited or be under the influence

of alcohol or controlled substances

7. Eating or drinking in the library, unless eating or drinking in designated areas

8. Library users must wear appropriate dress; including shoes and shirts

9. No pets are allowed unless the animal is designated as a service animal and recognized by

the American with Disabilities Act. Animals for a library sponsored program can be allowed

with the Director's approval.

10. Defacing or destroying library property

11. Sleeping in the library

12. Remaining in the library after closing hours

13. Interfering with patrons' use of the library through poor bodily hygiene which is so offensive

as to constitute a nuisance

14. Using skates or a skateboard in the library

15. Playing audio equipment (personal or library) at a volume that is disturbing to other users

16. Campaigning, petitioning, interviewing or surveying patrons or staff in a manner that is

disruptive to library activities

17. Willfully expose patrons and staff to offensive images or language

18. Interfering with the library's right to maintain a clean, pleasant and safe facility.

19. Relocating or tampering with tables, chairs, equipment, or other furniture without staff



A Code of Conduct Incident Report (page30) should be filled out for any exchange that

required a second warning. The completed report should be placed on the Director's desk.


Abuse of Library privileges will result in suspension of some or all privileges at the discretion of the

Director. A patron who feels he/she has been unfairly suspended may file an appeal in writing with

the Board of Trustees. Appeals will be considered at the next regular meeting of the Board of



Misconduct Procedures


In cases where there appears to be immediate danger or a serious threat to public

safety, any staff member may call 9-1-1.


The primary responsibility for enforcing this policy rests with highest ranking library staff member

on duty when an incident occurs. However, all staff members have responsibility for enforcing the



The first step is to discuss the inappropriate behavior with the patron and ask the patron to modify

their behavior.


The staff member in charge will give a second and final warning, stating that if the behavior

doesn't change the patron will be asked to leave.


If the behavior continues beyond the second and final warning, the patron shall be asked to leave

the library. If the patron refuses to leave, the staff member in charge is authorized to call the



Unattended Children/Minors


The library is a public space, much like a park, and patrons of all ages are welcome. The Library

will not assume the responsibility of surrogate care provider for children in the Library (e.g. serving

as a care-taker for school age children after school). Parents are responsible for their children's

behavior while on library property.


Disruptive and Unaccompanied Children


Disruptive children will be asked to leave the building after receiving a second warning. If the

disruptive child is under 12 years old and no accompanying adult is in the library, the staff will

attempt to locate the parent by telephone and require that an adult take the child from the library

immediately, Police may be called to provide assistance. More than one such occurrence, or the

inability of the parent to provide immediate assistance, may result in suspension of library

privileges of the child or parent(s) of the child at the discretion of the Director.


Unattended Children at Closing


If unattended children are left at the library at closing time, two staff members will wait with the

child (and attempt to call the parent). Fifteen minutes after closing, the Van Buren County Sheriff will be called and the child will be placed in their custody. Under no circumstances will a staff member leave a

child alone outside after closing or take the child with them.


A Code of Conduct Incident Report should be filled out for every time that an

unattended child is left at closing and the police assume custody.




The Bonaparte Public Library may use photographs of patrons and events in its publications and

communications (i.e. web site and Facebook). The Library has the right to use and discontinue use

of the photographs at the Library's discretion. Library users in the photographs will not be

identified by name.




1.      The copyright law of the United States governs the making of photocopies of copyrighted materials.

2.      The person requesting the copies is liable for any infringement of the law.

3.      Music that is copyrighted will not be copied at the Library.

4.      Cost for copying is:

a.       $.10 cents per side for b & w copies.

b.      $.25 cents per side for color copies.

5.      The copies will be made by library staff.

6.      The Bonaparte Public Library and its staff reserve the right to refuse a copying order if, in its judgement, fulfillment of the order would involve violation of copyright laws.




Circulation Policy


The purpose of the Circulation Policy is to establish who may obtain a library card at the Bonaparte

Public Library, the privileges associated with a library card, and what might cause those privileges

to be suspended. The Circulation Policy establishes fines and fees for overdue, lost or damaged

materials, and other circulation services.


Obtain a Library Card

A free library card is available to residents of Bonaparte and the surrounding area. Adults may be

issued a Library card upon receipt of a completed and signed registration form along with a photo

ID and proof of residency (i.e. current utility bill with registration form along with a photo

mailing address).

Student cards are issued to children who are entering first grade through sixth grade. A parent or

guardian present at the time of registration.

Residents of Van Buren County are eligible for Library cards.


 Card Holder Responsibilities

When you sign up for your Library card, you sign a statement agreeing to the following:

·  Abide by the library's policies,

·  I accept responsibility for all items checked out on my card.

·  I accept responsibility for all items checked out on my card by persons that I have loaned

my card to.

·  The information provided is accurate and I accept the responsibility to keep my address,

phone, and email information current so that I will receive library notices in a timely


·  If my card is missing or stolen, I will report it immediately to minimize library materials

being checked out on my stolen card.


Borrowing Procedures

·  The library card should be presented each time loans are made.

·   Items may not be renewed if another patron has reserved them.

·   Items that are already overdue two weeks may be renewed two more weeks.

·   It is unlawful for persons to willfully, maliciously, or wantonly tear, deface, mutilate, injury,

or destroy, in whole or part, any property belonging to the Library. No person shall take

possession or control of Library property with the intent to deprive the Library thereof.


Books, DVD’s, Puppets, and Kits

All books are loaned for a period of two weeks. Books on reserve or obtained through interlibrary

loan may not be renewed.


          Non-Circulating Materials

The collection of the Bonaparte Public Library contains some books and materials, which because of their value and rarity, shall not be removed from the library.  Our patrons may access these books and material during normal operating hours.  Non-circulating materials include, but not limited to, plat books, antique books, first editions and genealogy material


Inter-library Loan

Loans from other libraries shall be loaned under the same policies as Bonaparte Public Library materials.  Postage and applicable copy fees are the responsibility of the borrowing patron.  Items not returned shall be billed to the borrowing patron as billed by the lending library. Overdue and billing charges shall be included.  Failure to return interlibrary load materials will result in loss of library privileges.


Videos and DVDs

Videos and DVDS are loaned for two weeks with no renewal.


Outdoor Book Drop

A book drop is located at the end of the sidewalk near the East parking area.  Items returned in the outside book drop after the library is closed will be checked in on the next day the library is open.



The library does not charge fines.  We encourage compliance with due dates and to promote fair and equal access.  Materials returned via the drop box after the library is closed are considered returned on the next day the library is open.


Damaged Materials

Patrons are responsible for the care and return of items checked out on their account.  If Library materials are returned damaged and the extent of the damage is such that the Director or Assistant Director determines that the item cannot be put back into circulation, the patron will be assessed the following fees:


                                    ·  The original cost of the item, as listed in the Library's circulation records.

Patrons are responsible for paying the above fees.  Replacement items, provided by the patron, are not accepted.


Overdue Materials

The library is entrusted by the citizens of Bonaparte to provide, maintain and track items that have been purchased with taxpayer dollars.  In order to protect public property, the library has a schedule it follows for overdue materials.


First Notice: 

Two weeks after the item is due, patrons will receive notice from the Atrium automation system sending either an e-mail, text or both.  If not reached, a letter will be sent itemizing the overdue items.  The patron will be allowed to renew the items.  They will need to call the library to request the items be renewed.


Second Notice:  

Three weeks after the item is due a reminder letter will be sent.


Third Notice: 

Four weeks after the item is due, a notice will be sent. 


Fourth notice: 

Five weeks after the due date, a bill notice will be sent from the Director asking for the return the items.  All Library privileges will be suspended (including computer usage) until the items are returned, or paid for.


Fifth Notice:

Eight weeks past the due date the library will consider additional actions.  Possible actions include sending a certified letter of “notification of Criminal action” as described in Iowa Code section 714.5.  If the letter gets no result, the Director may contact law enforcement or the City Attorney.  Keeping materials after library personnel have followed these steps to get public property back constitutes the crime of theft.



Internet and Computer Use

All Internet resources accessible through the library are provided to all library users. A library user

is anyone who enters the door of the library. This includes library patrons as well as visitors to the

community who wish to use the computers.


·  Time limits are placed on library equipment in order to provide access to as many users as


·  The Library does not filter Internet content. Parents are advised to supervise their children

Internet sessions,

·  The Library is not responsible for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may

place on a minor's use of this resource.

· Use of the Library's Internet connection in an illegal, disruptive or destructive manner may

result in the loss of Internet or library privileges.


·  The Library is not responsible for any loss of data, damage to equipment, or personal

liability that may occur from use of its Internet connection.


All persons under 18 years of age must have their parent or guardian come into the library to read

and sign the Internet Use Policy and Agreement Form. Parents or guardians, not the library or its

staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children.

Parents are advised to supervise their children's Internet sessions.

The Bonaparte Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information available on

the Internet. The Library cannot be responsible for its content. The Internet is an un-moderated

global network with a highly diverse user population and library Internet users use it at their own

risk.  Internet users should avoid disclosing personal information over the Internet to preserve their own

personal safety. Minors should use caution in their use of social networking sites, e-mail, chat

rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications, as these forms of communication can

expose minors to dangerous situations. Minors should never disclose personal information, such as

name, school, address, and telephone number to strangers on the Internet. Library Internet users

are prohibited by law from disclosing, using, or disseminating personal information about minors

without written authorization of the parent or legal guardian of the minors involved.


The library cannot assure that data or files downloaded by users are virus-free. The library is not

responsible for damages to equipment or data on a user's personal computer from the use of data

downloaded from the library's Internet service,


Iowa and federal laws make it illegal to download or purvey child pornography, purvey

pornography to children, or to commit fraudulent acts using the Internet.


Privacy in using the Internet in the library cannot be guaranteed. There exists a possibility of

inadvertent viewing by others. customers are urged to respect the sensibilities of others when

accessing information that may reasonably be offensive to someone else.


Use of the Internet workstations is for LEGAL purposes only. Internet users may not use the

library's computers to display obscene materials or child pornography as determined by State and

Federal Law. Other illegal activities which are also prohibited include but are not limited to:


 ·  software piracy

 ·  degrading or disrupting equipment or system performance

 ·  gaining unauthorized access to resources or entities

 ·   invading the privacy of individuals

 ·   engaging in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile


 ·  violation of copyright or licensing agreements


U.S. copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) prohibits the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of

copyrighted materials, except as permitted by the principles of "fair use." Users may not copy or

distribute electronic materials (including electronic mail, text, images, programs, or data) without

the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Any responsibility for any consequences of copyright

infringement lies with the user; the library expressly disclaims any liability or responsibility

resulting from such use.


Wireless Internet Access


The library provides free, unsecured, wireless Internet access for public use. The library does not

provide technical support for privately owned personal wireless devices. Security for personal

wireless devices rests solely with the owner of the wireless device. Personal use of the library's

public wireless access is subject to the same policies regulating other types of public Internet

access provided by the library.


The Library's public wireless network is not secure. Wireless networks are transmitted via radio

waves, and are therefore susceptible to potential 'eavesdropping', so patrons should be aware of

what they are transmitting over this open network. In addition, patrons are responsible for

maintaining up-to-date antivirus software, firewalls, etc., Information sent from or to your laptop

can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software, usually within 300 feet, also, wireless access is not guaranteed to be error proof or virus free.


The library cannot guarantee a connection at all times and in all places in the library, as many

things can interfere with wireless access including building elements, cordless phones, etc. The

library takes no responsibility for lost data, etc. due to a lost connection.


Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be provided that you

will be able to make a wireless connection to the public network.


Patrons must take responsibility for their own equipment. The Library assumes no responsibility for

the safety, damage or theft of personal equipment, or for laptop configurations. security, or data

files resulting from connection to the Library's network.


Misuse of the computers/Internet/wireless connection may result in the suspension or

loss of privileges. The length of the suspension is at the discretion of the library staff.

Minor and major violations will be subject to progressive punishment.




Bonaparte Public Library agrees to cooperate with patrons and institutions to support their lifelong

learning goals by offering proctoring services. This service is based on the availability of personnel,

facilities and technology to do so. As such, the following responsibilities are set out.


Student Responsibilities

·  The student will ask the library staff to proctor the exam.

·  The student will be required to arrange for the exam and instructions to be sent to the

library at least one week before taking the exam.

·  The student is responsible for making arrangements to take the exam including calling the

library to make sure the test has arrived (electronically or via mail) and scheduling a time to

take the test. The student will schedule the exam time to end 30 minutes before the closing

of the library.

·  The student is responsible for ensuring that the computer resources at the library are

adequate and available for test taking.

·  The student will provide a valid driver's license or photo ID (if required) for verification of

identity or the test will not be proctored.

·  The student will arrive prepared with the necessary or required supplies to take the exam.

These supplies will be made available for approval by the proctor if required.

·  The student is responsible for the return postage and envelope for any exam which does not

include a self-addressed stamped envelope. If it is required to fax the test to the institution

the student will be responsible for that cost.

·  The finished exam will be handled with other library mail.



Library and Staff Responsibilities

·  The library staff will provide the student and institution with copies of this policy upon


·  A library staff person will proctor the exam. Specific librarians will not be assigned to proctor

specific exams,

·  The proctor will observe the student while performing other tasks and assisting other

patrons. Proctoring at the library will include issuing the exam, being aware of the student

taking the exam, periodically observing the student, signing the proctor form and mailing

the completed exam. If an institution requires the student to receive constant uninterrupted

observation the library will be unable to proctor the exam.

·  The staff person who begins proctoring the exam may not be at the Circulation Desk when

the exam is finished. The student may be returning the exam to a different librarian than

the one who issued the exam to the student.

·  The librarian will not sign the name of another librarian on the proctoring form or the exam.

The library may not be able to proctor an exam for which the signature of only one

designated person is required.

·  Library staff will not sign any statement required by the educational institution inconsistent

with our policy or with how the test is administered.

·  Library staff may refuse to proctor an exam too burdensome or exacting in its demands.

·  The library cannot provide proctoring for groups of students.

·  The library is not responsible if the institution's web site or e-mail is not working.

·  The library is not responsible for exams that are lost by the postal system or electronically.

·  The library will not keep copies of completed exams.



Accidents, Injuries or illness on Library Property


Staff members should exercise caution when administering first aid of even a minor nature because

of the safety of the injured individual and the potential liability of the staff member. without

specialized training, it is not advisable for staff to undertake more than keeping the sick or injured

patron comfortable and protected from needless disturbance until medical help can be obtained.

Since each case is unique, staff members should use their own judgment to do what is prudent and



·  If immediate assistance is needed, call 911.

·  Never offer to drive the patron anywhere for medical assistance.

·  Stay with the person and tell him that assistance is on the way.

·  Do not provide medical aid (CPR, etc.) unless properly trained in appropriate techniques.

·  Do not move the person but try to make him as comfortable as possible.

·  No medication, including aspirin, should ever be given to the public.

·  Be alert for blood borne pathogen exposure. If bodily fluids are present (blood, urine,

saliva), wear protective gloves when touching the person. Be careful. If a Band-Aid needs to

be used, give it to the individual and have him/her place it on the injury. A parent may do

this for a child.

·  Clear the area of bystanders. Recruit other staff members to help if needed.

·  Remove any obstacles in the path of the Emergency Response team.

·  Get the details of the accident, injury, or illness (person's name and address but do not

search pockets, purse, etc.),

·  Get names and addresses of any witnesses.

·  Contact the Director.

·  If cleaning the area, all disposable materials should be discarded in a plastic bag before

discarding in the trash.

·  Work supplies should be disinfected with bleach, followed by cleaning with soap and water.



          Severe Weather:

The Library may close or postpone opening when weather conditions exist making it highly difficult to travel.  The primary factor of any decision made will be the safety of the staff and the library patrons.  It is the responsibility of the Library Director to determine whether or not the library should close and the duration of the closure.  The Library Director shall get approval from the Board President (or other trustees is necessary) for closing.  However, maximum effort will be made to maintain regular library operating hours.  The Director may close the library based on snow, freezing rain, and/or severe wind chills.  If the decision is made to close or postpone KILJ radio will be called (319-385-8728) and /or emailed, to make necessary announcements.  The Director will also post a notice on the Library Facebook page and/or the library Web-site.


     If a tornado warning is issued or sirens are sounded the staff should do the following:

1.      On staff member should make an announcement informing the patrons that there is a tornado warning in effect for our area.  The staff member will ask that patrons move into the basement until the storm warning is over.

2.      Another staff member should locate the flashlights and battery operated radio.

3.      All staff and patrons should be escorted to the basement.

4.      If possible, normal routine may resume when the tornado warning expires.


Fire or Evacuation:

The Bonaparte Public Library is equipped with a fire alarm system.  In the event of a fire, the fire alarm system will be activated at the first detection of smoke.


In the event of a fire or evacuation (e.g. gas leak or bomb threat) emergency, the library staff will follow the procedures listed below:

1.      At the first indication of smoke or flame, investigate the situation to determine location and extent of the fire.

2.      If the fire can obviously be contained and extinguished quickly and safely by staff, proceed to do so.  However, if there is any doubt about whether the fire can be controlled, immediately call 911 or the fire department and then clear the building.

3.      Staff will make an evacuation announcement (Please proceed to the nearest exit).

4.      Each employee will be responsible for making a quick check for patrons in the area that he/she is working.

5.      Staff will help guide any patrons in the areas designated as the fire exit for that part of the building.  Administrative staff/ranking staff should make a final but brief inspection, exiting the building and closing all doors.

6.      At no point will a library employee put his or her safety at risk trying to search the building or extinguish a fire.

7.      All children and any other library visitors who remain will asked to go to the flag pole out front of the building with the Library staff.

8.      Normal routine may resume when the all clear sign is given.



Disaster Preparedness

     Emergency Contact Numbers:

                  Suzanne Rice                          319-217-1048                                                 

                  Libby Kuster                           319-931-2766

                 Kathy Saltzgaver                    641-919-1922                                                 

                 Roberta Gonterman            319-931-1397

                 Lucy Elliott                             319-288-0898

                 Linda DeRosear                      319-470-0458                                                 

                 Karen Seager                           641-919-3687

             Melvin Green                          903-539-5008


In the event of a tornado or severe storm there is a basement in the BCIA building that is accessible to staff and patrons.  In the event of a fire there is a fire extinguisher in the hallway and all exits are marked as such.  We would also contact the Mayor and he/she will contact the city clerk who will contact the city council.  City hall will then contact the Red Cross and FEMA, and any other agencies for assistance.


Friends of the Library

Friends of the Library are civic-minded people who know that quality library services are important

to their community. Friends are dedicated to supporting. improving, and promoting the Library.


Friends work to promote the Library by enlisting public support for various activities including

Library goals and raising funds for purchasing Library items.


Friends of the Library are supported by the Director and Board of Trustees, as appropriate. A free

flow of information and communication is a source of community input, opinions, publicity,

fundraising, programming, and volunteers. The Director will serve as a liaison to the Friends of the

Library group and will attend all group meetings. Meeting minutes will be distributed to the Board

of Trustees.


Friends of the Library are not authorized to set Library policy, speak on behalf of the Board of

Trustees, or commit Library funds. Ideas from the group about Library operation must be

submitted to and decided on by the Board of Trustees.


Board of Trustees


Ethics Statement


As a Board member of a public library, you are a public servant. The public expects your conduct to

be above question and for the public good, not for your own interests or another special interest.

The Association for Library Trustees and Advocates and the Public Library Association have adopted

the following statements on ethics.

·  Trustees. in the capacity of trust upon them, shall observe ethical standards with absolute

truth, integrity, and honor.

·  Trustees must avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial

benefits gained at the expense of Library users, colleagues, or the institution.

·   It is incumbent on any trustee to disqualify him or herself immediately whenever the

appearance of conflict of interest exists.

·  Trustees must distinguish clearly in their actions and statements between their personal

philosophy and attitudes and those of the institution, acknowledging the formal position of

the Board, even if they personally disagree.

·  A trustee must respect the confidential nature of Library business while being aware of and

in compliance with applicable laws governing freedom of information.

·  Trustees must be prepared to support to the fullest the efforts of librarians in resisting

censorship of Library materials by groups or individuals.

·  Trustees who accept Library Board responsibilities are expected to perform all of the

functions of Library Trustees.


Iowa Code 69.16A Gender Balance


1.   All appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils of the state established by the

Code, if not otherwise provided by law, shall be gender balanced. No person shall be appointed

or reappointed to any board, commission, committee, or council established by the Code if that

appointment or reappointment would cause the number of members of the board, commission,

committee, or council of one gender to be greater than one-half the membership of the board,

commission, committee, or council plus one if the board, commission, committee, or council is

composed of an odd number of members. If the board, commission, committee, or council is

composed of an even number of members, not more than one-half of the membership shall be

of one gender. If there are multiple appointing authorities for a board, commission, committee,

or council, they shall consult each other to avoid a violation of this section.


2.   All appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils of a political subdivision of the

state that are established by the Code, if not otherwise provided by law shall be gender

balanced as provided by subsection 1 unless the political subdivision has made a good faith

effort to appoint a qualified person to fill a vacancy on a board, commission, committee, or

council in compliance with subsection 1 for a period of three months but has been unable to

make a compliant appointment. In complying with the requirements of this subsection, political

subdivisions shall utilize a fair and unbiased method of selecting the best qualified applicants.

This subsection shall not prohibit an individual whose term expires prior to January l, 2Ol2,

from being reappointed even though the reappointment continues an inequity in gender





The Board of Trustees of the Bonaparte Public Library will comply with the Iowa Code in all questions

of Library law and governance and will further comply with regulations set forth in the city's Library





The Board of Trustees consists of up to 10 members. The Mayor of the City of Bonaparte, with City

Council approval, appoints all Board members. All members of the Board of Trustees shall be bona

fide citizens of Van Buren County and must be over the age of 18 years. All appointments to the Board shall

be for six years, except to fill vacancies, each term shall commence July first,


The position of any Trustee shall be vacant if the Trustee moves permanently from Van Buren County or is

absent from six regular meetings per year, except in the case of illness or temporary absence from the area. Vacancies shall

be filled by appointment of the Mayor, with Council approval, and the new Trustee shall complete the unexpired term for

which the appointment is made.


Any special privileges extended to members are in effect only during their term (i.e. longer loan

periods and exemption from overdue fines),




Logistics and Notification


The Bonaparte Public Library Board of Trustees meets the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Notice will be given to

the public 24 hrs. in advance by notice posted on the Library entrance. The Board shall meet no less than ten times per



Board meetings are open meetings in compliance with Iowa Code section 21.1.




The President shall preside at all meetings.


The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, assume the President's duties.


The secretary shall keep a true and accurate account of all proceedings of the board meetings.  They shall send a copy of the same to the City Hall monthly, and shall post meeting agendas 24 hours prior to meetings at two locations in town, i.e. City hall and the front door of the Library.


The treasurer shall keep a true and accurate account of all money received and shall be responsible for all disbursements.


A quorum shall consist of five Board members. The Director of the Bonaparte Public Library shall be

present and participate in each of the Board meetings. The Director will prepare an agenda for the

meeting. The Director serves as the executive director of policies adopted by the Board.


Powers and Duties


1. Meet and elect from its members a President, Vice President, and other officer as it deems



2. To have charge, control, and supervision of the Library, it appurtenances, fixtures, and

rooms containing the same.


3. Direct and control all affairs of the Library.


4. Employ a Director and authorize the Director to employ such assistants and employees as is

necessary for the management of the Library, including their compensation.


5. Remove the Director by a two-thirds vote of the Board and provide procedures for removal

of assistants or employees for incompetence or inattention to duty, subject to the provisions

of Chapter 35C of the Iowa Code.


6. Select or authorize the Director to select and make purchases or books, magazines, papers,

and other materials, furniture, fixtures, and supplies for the Library within the budgetary

limits set by the Board.


7. Make and adopt, amend, modify, or repeal rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this

Code of Ordinances and the law, for the care use, government and management of the

Library and business of the Board, fixing and enforcing penalties for violations.


8. Exclusively control expenditures of all funds allocated for Library purposes by the Council,

and all moneys available by gift, or otherwise for the erection of Library buildings and of all

other moneys belonging to the Library, including fines and fees collected under the rules of

the Board.


9. Accept gifts of real property, personal property, or mixed property, and devices and

bequests, including trust funds; to take title to said property in the name of the Library; to

execute deeds and bills of sales for the conveyance of said property, and to expend the

funds received by them from such gifts, for the improvement of the Library.


10. Enforce the performance of conditions on gifts, donations, devises, and bequests accepted

by the City on behalf of the Library.


11. Keep a record of its proceedings.


Fundraiser Attendance:

The Bonaparte Public Library and Library hold the following fundraisers each year: Mystery Dinner Theatre, the Fall

Festival Soup luncheon,  and the Children's Dinner Theatre  Each board member and library staff shall be in attendance

at each fundraiser.  If they are unable to attend, the member /staff shall give two weeks’ advance notice.  They will be

excused one time.  The exception will be if there is a death in the family or personal illness.  If the board member/staff is

unable to attend, it is the responsibility of that member to find a responsible person to take their place at the event.


Governing use of Library, Equipment, and materials


After Hours:

There shall be no person or persons in the Library after posted operating hours.  This includes, but is not limited to, Library Board to Trustees members, city employees and members of the Bonaparte Community Improvement Association.  Exceptions to this policy shall be the monthly Board of Trustees posted meeting, the Friends of the Library posted meeting, the Library Director doing library business and/or the director and invited guests taking continuing education classes through the internet. If maintenance needs performed, after hours, the BCIA shall give 24-hour notice to the Director, of said maintenance.


            Telephone and Fax Usage:

1. The Bonaparte Public Library has a telephone for library business. Calls by patron’s will

be allowed if they are local calls and they are brief. No calls to long distance numbers or

cell phones will be allowed.


2. It is preferred that customers not receive calls at the library. The librarian will deliver a

message to a customer as time allows.


3. The fax machine is available during regular library hours for library patrons and business

persons to send and receive information. Cost (subject to change due to changing costs)


Sending (within the continental US): $1.00 for each page

      Receiving: $ .50 for 1st (first) page    $ .25 for each page thereafter

Payment is due when the calls are made. The librarian will operate the fax

machine for the patron. The patron who is expecting a fax has the responsibility of

coming to the library to retrieve it. lf a patron is expecting to receive a fax, please call

the library at 319-592-3677, the librarian or staff member will cal! the patron when the

fax arrives. Payment is due upon receiving the fax.


4. Cell phone usage is discouraged in the library. In order to insure the privacy of the cal!

and in order to not bother other customers, the patron using the cell phones is asked to

step outside (or in the hall during inclement weather) the library to send or receive cell

phone calls.




The Bonaparte Public Library, because of need by patrons in the community, offers assistance with design of posters,

label, wedding announcements, invitations, cards, etc. There will be a three-day notice given for the need.  An

appointment will be made for the Librarian to work one-on-one with the patron in the designing of their project.  There

will be a minimum charge of $5.00 for a half hour, or $10.00 an hour for design time.  Regular print prices are on top of

the design fee. If the Director is asked to email items, there will be a $0.05 charge per contact.  This will apply to

scanning and sending emails for patrons also. The Library Director will not maintain a list of any patron’s personal e-mail

contact on the librarian’s computer.  It is the patron’s responsibility to keep copies of the e-mail addresses.  Suggestion

for storage of the address is to purchase a jump drive that can be handed to the Library Director /Librarian for use at

the time.  It is not the Library Director’s responsibility to keep track of your contact information.



Financial Responsibilities


All money appropriated by the Council for the operation and maintenance of the Library shall be set

aside in an account for the Library. Expenditures shall be paid for only on orders of the Board,

signed by the President. The Board shall make a report to the Council after the close of the fiscal year. This report will

contain statements as to the condition of the Library, number of materials added, number of items circulated,

amount of fines and fees collected, and amount of money expended for them maintenance of the Library

during the year.


Additional Requirements


In addition to the requirements provided by the Iowa Code and the Code of Ordinances of the City

of Bonaparte, the Board shall:


1. Report to and cooperate with other public officials, boards, and commissions, and the

community as a whole, to support a public relations program for the Library.


2. Assist with the preparation of a budget and seek adequate support of the annual budget.


3. Develop long-range goals for the Library and work toward their achievement.  Special meetings may be held at any time, at the call of the President or Secretary, or at a call from any two members of the Board, provided that notice is given to all Trustees at least 24 hours in advance. 


Amendments to these by-laws may be adopted at any regular meeting of the Board, provided that notice of proposed amendments is given to all members of the Board in advance of the meeting.





































































Bonaparte Public Library





























Code of Conduct Incident Report Form


Use this form to describe a violation of the Code of Conduct as soon as possible. Place the

completed form on the Director's desk.



Staff person filling out form: _______________________________________________________________


Date incident occurred: ____________________________


Time incident occurred: ____________________________


Witnesses:(staff, patrons)





Name of person(s) in violation of policy                                     







Describe the incident as specifically as possible.








Describe the staff response as specifically as possible.










Additional comments/notes






Director's Signature_________________________________________Date_____________________________


Gifts and Memorials


I/we would like to make a donation to enrich the lives of all people who use the Library. Please

make checks payable to Bonaparte Public Library. Mailing address is PO Box 158 Bonaparte, IA 52620


Donor Name: ______________________________________________________________________________


Date: _________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________________


Do you want a memorial designation on the gift? __ Yes __ No


If yes, do you want your name included? __ Yes __No, I'd like to remain anonymous


This gift __In memory of   __ In honor of   __ Other

Is: _________________________________


Whom is the gift in name of? __________________________________________________________________


Donation amount: __ $50 __ $100 __ $250 __ $500 __Other


Please direct my donation to the following: __Book (provide title or suggestion) __ Book(s) selected by the Library based on collection need.  __ Other media (CD, DVD, computer software) selected by the Library based on collection need. (Note: It may not be possible to apply memorial information on these items.)


Staff member who received completed form and donation: __________________________________________


Date received: _______________________





Meeting Room Agreement


I have received and read a copy of the Bonaparte Public Library Meeting Room policy. I agree to

abide by the policy (page 20) and to be responsible for the condition of the room.


Organization: ______________________________________________________________________


Contact Name: _____________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: _____________________________________________________________________


Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _______________________________















Bonaparte Public Library Forms                                                                                          Adopted on


Statement of Concern Form


Name: ____________________________________________________________________________


Date: _____________________________________________________________________________


Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________________________________________


Who are you representing? __Yourself __ Organization

If organization, what is the name? ________________________________________________________


What type of resource are you commenting about? ___________________________________________


__ Book __ Movie __ Magazine __ Content of Library __Other __Newspaper Program


Title: _______________________________________________________________________________


Author: _____________________________________________________________________________


Did you read the entire book, Listen or view the whole __ Yes __No?

production? __________________________________________________________________________


If the answer is No, what part did you read, listen or view? _____________________________________

Statement of Concern Form (1-page form)

Bonaparte Public Library Forms                                                                                          Adopted on


To what in the book or other material do you object? Be specific and include page numbers. ____________________________________________________________________________________


What do you feel might be the result of reading this book or viewing or listening to this material?


Are you aware of the judgment of this book or material by critics? ____________________________________________________________________________________


In its place, what material of equal literary quality or material of equal value would you

recommend? __________________________________________________________________________


What do you recommend the Library does with this material? ____________________________________


Additional comments ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________














Statement of Concern Form (2-page form)


Bonaparte Public Library Forms                                                                                          Adopted on


Volunteer Waiver of Liability


This Release and Waiver of Liability (the "Release") executed on this - day of ________________

20-__., by (the "Volunteer") in favor of the Bonaparte Public Library, its Board of Trustees, officers,

employees, and agents, including the City of Bonaparte (collectively, the "Library"). The Volunteer

desires to work as a volunteer for Library and engage in the activities related to being a volunteer

(the "Activities"). The Volunteer understands that the Activities may include office work. shelving

books and/or participating in special events and fundraisers and other activities that may involve

physical work. The Volunteer hereby freely, voluntarily, and without duress executes this Release

under the following terms:


Release and Waiver: Volunteer does hereby release and forever discharge and hold harmless

Library and it successors and assigns from any and all liability, claims, demands, obligations, costs,

expenses, attorney's fees, actions and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, either in law or

in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from Volunteer's Activities with Library. Volunteer

understands that this Release Discharges Library from any liability or claim that the Volunteer may

have against Library with respect to any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death, or property

damage that may result from the Volunteer's Activities with Library, whether caused by the

negligence of Library or its officers, trustees, employees, or agents or otherwise. By signing below,

volunteer expressly acknowledges and agrees that volunteer is waiving any and all claims against

Library, including all claims related to future acts, omissions or acts of negligence by Library.


Financial Assistance: Volunteer also understands that Library does not assume any responsibility

for or obligation to provide financial assistance or any other assistance, including but not limited to

medical, health, workers' compensation or disability insurance in the event of injury or illness.


Medical Treatment: Volunteer does hereby release and forever discharge Library from any claim

whatsoever which arises or may hereafter arise on account of any first aid, treatment, or service

rendered in connection with the Volunteer's Activities with Library.


Assumption of the Risk: The Volunteer understands that the Activities include work that may be

hazardous to the Volunteer, including, but not limited to, office work, shelving books and/or

participating in special events and fundraisers and other activities which may involve physical work.

Volunteer understands that the specific risks vary from one activity to another, but range from

relatively minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, sprains, allergic reactions, to more serious

injuries, including, but not limited to, eye injuries or loss of sight, cuts or gashes, broken bones or

other joint or back injuries, loss of limb, paralysis or death. Volunteer hereby expressly and

specifically assumes the risk of injury or harm in the Activities and releases Library from all liability

for injury, illness, death, or property damage resulting from the Activities.


Insurance: The Volunteer understands that, except as otherwise agreed to by Library in writing;

Library does not carry or maintain health, medical, or disability insurance for any Volunteer. Each

Volunteer is expected and encouraged to obtain his or her own medical or health insurance



Photographic Release: Volunteer does hereby grant and convey unto Library all rights, title, and

interest in any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings made by Library during

the Volunteer's Activities with Library, including, but not limited to, any royalties, proceeds, or

other benefits derived from such photographs or recordings.


Other: Volunteer expressly agrees that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as

permitted by the laws of the State of Iowa and that this Release shall be governed by and

interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Iowa. Volunteer agrees that in the event

that any clause or provision of this Release shall be held to be invalid by any court of competent

jurisdiction, the invalidity of such clause or provision shall not otherwise affect the remaining

provisions of this Release which shall continue to be enforceable.









IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Volunteer has executed this Release as of the day and year first above written.


Volunteer Name: _______________________________________________________________



Address: ______________________________________________________________________



Email: ________________________________________________________________________



Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________



Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _________________________



Parent/Guardian Signature

(If Volunteer is under the age of 18)